Tuesday 24th March
Weetwood Hall, Otley Road
Leeds, LS16 5PS
... How I Became A MULTI MILLIONAIRE In My 30's! ...
I was actually brought up around business. 

My Mum owned one growing up. But it was far from being a successful one! All I ever saw from the hard work and effort of running the business was… Exhaustion. 

She couldn’t even muster the energy to be a “Mum” when she was at home, it was that bad. Yet, weirdly, I wasn’t deterred...
I started my first business as a kid with a caterpillar club (I’d charge kids in my neighbourhood money or sweets to look at them - I know genius) and fast forward to now I'm

the director of 6 companies, and have a property portfolio of £6M. 

I’ve always had the business bug and have a real passion for testing and growing my businesses. 

It hasn't always been this straight forward...
"I've made a lot of mistakes!” Although some of my businesses were working well, I had to liquidate a company in 2011 due to a lack of knowledge in sales and marketing. 

I started out with little experience and did things the hard way trying to figure things out myself.

I made some costly mistakes in the early days and fell victim to many of the common pitfalls.

But eventually, I discovered the recipe for success. I figured out how to grow my business by implementing the 6 key components which are essential for every business. Which is why today I am a highly sought after business mentor.

Over the years I have helped business owners from around the world scale their businesses. 
Now, I want to help you do the same… That’s why:
In this Powerful 1 DAY TRAINING you will discover:
  • How to increase profits AND leave your clients even more satisfied at the same time.
  • How to increase productivity by 400%.
  • How to set clear targets for your business.
  • How to get the best from your staff.
  • How to avoid the trap of the law of diminishing returns.
  • How to step back from your business and create more time and freedom.
  • Why 90% of business owners are focusing on the wrong thing.
  • The importance of effective marketing and why most business owners get this wrong.
  • How to increase sales in a few simple steps.
  • And much MORE strategy, knowledge and eye-opening information! 
    Tuesday 24th March
    2020 | 9am - 5pm | 

    Weetwood Hall, Otley Road
    Leeds, LS16 5PS
    "The answer is simple! Anybody that wants to make a more profitable business and enjoy the benefits they got into business for in the first place!"
    How Much Does A Life-Changing,
    Business Breakthrough, Training Cost?
    Normally a day with myself is £2500+ 

    here is the good part...
    “I have recently set up a second company. With the support from Gemma, my business grew from 0 to 7 figures in less than two years. I would advise anyone getting into business to work with Gemma to speed up your results and cut out the wastage of time.”
    Using Gemma's techniques, I have developed my business to over 1000 clients on monthly subscriptions in little over 6 months. I’ve been featured on Good Morning Britain, local news channels plus I’ve been featured numerous times in the local papers. 
    Through Gemma's keen eye for the detail and looking through my business with a fine tooth comb. She managed to save my business over £200k a year by pointing out elements in which I hadn't seen. I would recommend her expertise to anyone thinking about developing their business.
    - P Tinker
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